I absolutely would recommend Dr. Chokshi...I'm 100 percent better. If anything else happens to me or my husband, we will come back to him - Ruth D., North Myrtle Beach, SC

I felt like I had been living on pain medicine and thought 'I just can't do this anymore' I would try to not take the pain medicine on my days off from work. I wish I had done this with Dr. Chokshi a long time ago. - Lisa M.

 I did not have to even take pain pills after surgery. I woke up feeling so much better than before. Dr. Chokshi is awesome. My husband asked if I wanted a second opinion, and I said no, because Dr. Chokshi is so confident in what he is doing. - Amber C.

I would recommend Dr. Alexander to anyone. He really helped me get down to the root of the problem. He helped me to get some of my life back. – Margaret D.

Before my surgery, shopping and traveling were a big ordeal. I also had to cut down on golfing, which I enjoy. I'm so much more active now, which has helped me keep off the weight I have lost. I work out every night, which was not happening before, and I'm getting back into golf. Dr. O'Dell is a very pleasant individual who makes you feel very comfortable. I've been to enough doctors to know that he knows what he is doing... He gets to know you and analyzes every aspect of you to find the best approach. – James M.

 Dr. O'Dell and his staff were excellent and very professional. Dr. O'Dell offered to send me anywhere in the country for my surgery. Follow up has been excellent and I would recommend him and his staff/services to anyone. – Bill P.

Before the procedure, the pain was so bad I could not do anything…I just existed. Lifting anything more than 5 pounds would take me 2 days to get over. Dr. Alexander and Dr. Chokshi saved me. There is nothing I would not do for them. - Joe N.

 "I literally could not turn over in bed when I knew I had to do something. Dr. Chokshi was very thorough in explaining things to me...the whole team was great. After one night in the hospital, I had almost immediate relief. My back is excellent... I am 100% ready to go and ready to get back to an active lifestyle." - Terri H.

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